Knot Just My Quilts


A quilt is not a quilt until it is quilted.

Choosing a quilting pattern to use on your quilt is a personal decision.
We have several hundred quilting patterns to choose from.

Keep in mind WHO the quilt is for and HOW the quilt will be used.

A T-shirt or memory quilt, that has as its focus the memories and events of lifetime does well with a balanced edge-to-edge design that will not detract from the blocks, but will hold up well to regular use. Click here to see just a few of our favorite E2E designs.

A carefully pieced top in a modern or traditional style that will be used occasionally will do well with a variety of patterns combined to add dimension, interest, and “POP” to the quilt.
Knot Just My Quilts maintains several thousand quilting patterns to choose from and customizing is always an option.