Knot Just My Quilts

Knot Just My Quilts is part of a larger network of Gammill Statler users and fabulous
quilting pattern designers. The patterns shown here are a very small sample of
what is available. Knot Just My Quilts has purchased these designs from the
designers and is enabled to use them. If we don’t have what you are looking for,
clients may browse for a pattern, and we will make the purchase to use for you.

Economy Patterns

Economy Patterns
are perfect for T-shirt Quilts. They are generic and stitch edge
to edge, they have little to no backstitching, they stitch out quickly and very well.


This pattern is copyrighted by Tammy Oberlin @ TK Quilting and Designs
Visit WWW.TKQUILTING.COM to see more of her quilting designs.


Copyright 2016 Laurie Thomas, It’s a Quilt Thing!
Visit to see more of Laurie’s designs.

Diagonal Plaid

copyright 2013, designer of record at Digi-Tech Designs, LLC PATRICIA RITTER
Visit to see more patterns by this designer.

Breath of God

copyright by designer August Moon as Breath of Gods.
Visit see more August Moon and other patterns.