Knot Just My Quilts


Knot Just My Quilts is owned and operated by Pam Seeger.

Pam learned quilting in her Grandmother’s sun porch, where relatives would often gather to work on the current quilt. Pam’s Grandfather made quilting racks for his wife and each of his five daughters. Some of the quilts made there were knotted (tied) and that tradition is part of Pam’s business name today.

In her high school and college years, Pam developed an affinity for computers and software programs. She and her husband Bill were early adopters of home computers, laptops, and tablets. When Pam learned about computerized sewing machines, she set her hearts desire.

Over the years, Pam and Bill obtained three domestic Bernina sewing machines, including their Mid-Arm 830. As creativity grew, Pam found the Gammill Statler long-arm quilting machine. A marriage of quilting and computers were just her thing. In 2008, Knot Just My Quilts went into business in Murphy, Texas. Pam’s customer list has grown by word of mouth and she likes it that way. The best marketing is a happy client.

Pam bases her quilt-making methods on Mary Ellen Hopkins’ It’s Okay if You Sit on My Quilt.

Pam and Bill have three children: two adult daughters, with two sons-in-law, and a son who lives at home.

About quilting

Quilting is the term applied to joining together at least three layers. Most commonly consisting of a quilt top, a batting layer, and a backing. The stitching used to secure the layers can be functional or artistic providing texture and movement.

About Long-arm quilting

Long-arm quilting is accomplished using a sewing machine with a large “throat space” commonly known as a “long arm”. Knot Just My Quilts uses a 30” Gammill Statler Optimum on a 14 foot table to accommodate the largest and smallest of projects. The Statler system is computer-aided and allows for thousands of quilting patterns to further customize the final project.

About T-shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts have become quite popular.   A T-shirt quilt can reduce the cost of a quilt because the client already owns the shirts for the project.  It is a creative way to preserve memories in a lovely and useful way. 

About Pricing

  1. Traditional pieced quilts are priced by overall size in inches and the complexity of the design.  In general, clients have sewn their own quilt top project and bring it to the long-armer to join the layers.  Costs can include batting and backing and thread depending on who provides the materials.  Thread choices can add a lot of interest to the project.  Knot Just My Quilts has thousands of custom patterns and established relationships with Designers to digitize whatever the client imagines.  
  2. T-shirt quilting is priced by overall size in inches like traditional quilts.  Unlike the traditional project, T-shirt quilts are usually provided unprepared.  Costs then include trimming the shirts, stabilization of the stretchy T-shirt block, layout of the blocks, fabric for the sashes if used.  Knot Just My Quilts combines those costs into general price ranges for specific sizes. [Chart]
  3. Knot Just My Quilts offers a 15% discount to all first time customers. We will also provide instruction on how to prepare your T-shirts for additional savings.